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Yangon 2 days Travel Itinerary

Day 1 Morning in Yangon

Fill your stomach and get plenty of energy in the morning with a traditional Myanmar breakfast of fish soup and tea at one of the streetside teashop.
Enjoy an early morning stroll around Chinatown, the bustling markets in the surrounding blocks and Sule Paya, the geographic heart of the city.

Day 1 Afternoon in Yangon

Lunchtime can be pretty good expereince in one of the Indian eateries nearby before doing some crusing around some temples north of the city center, including the Chaukhtatgyi Paya and nearby Ngatatgyi Paya. Then take a walk around Kandawgyi, and maybe stop in for a drink at one of the lakeside restaurants or hotels.

Day 1 Evening / Night in Yangon

The Shewedagon Pagoda, the highlight of any tour in Yangon, should be your main event, it deserves time, attention, and the perfect light og a Yangon sunset. Dine at one of the excellent restaurants – Bamar, Thai, Korean, Japanese, French or Italian – in the immediate vicinity.

Day 2 in Yangon

The second day can begin much like the first at the street side teashop. Morning is the best time for a ferry back and forth Dalah on the other side of the Yangon river to provide a little taste of delta life. Back on the dry ground, the Botatung Paya near the jetty is the next logical stop. Take a walk along the Strand Rd for the British colonial-era architecture or head directly to lunch at one of the restaurants around Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Then there’s the market itself, a bargain-shoppers Shangri-la, a maze of deals just waiting to be made. If you bags are too heavy, you might want to return to your hotel, otherwise the street stalls in Chinatown are a good way to meet locals while dining in the city center. If you still have some getup and go, head to a teashop or one of the roof top clubs to squeeze as much you can out of Yangon.

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