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Tourists Visa Requirements and Fees, Single or Multiple entry


Carrie: Hey I been wanting to go Myanmar for a long time, but it seems that the tourist visa application has always bee the problem for most people. I’m wondering what are the requirements to get a tourist visa and how to get it? Should I apply for a single or multiple entry tourist visas and what’s the difference in cost? and one more question – how long can I stay in Myanmar as a tourist?


PKTan: Hi Carrie, do go to Myanmar! You will not regret it! Regarding your questions:

A tourist visa is a single-entry visa for tourist travelers for a maximum of 28 days stay within the country. There are no multiple-entry visas available for tourists. You can apply for tourist visa from the Myanmar embassy or consulate office in your country. Alternatively you can arrange for your tour agent to apply it for you. If getting to the embassy is a problem to you – do refer to this FAQ on applying tourist visa upon arrival at Yangon airport. The fee for a tourist visa application at Yangon airport is USD 20, the fee for tourist visas in embassies or consulate office various upon the country to which they are located.

The following are the requirements for obtaining a tourist visa:
1. National Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)
2. One Arrival Report Form*
3. Two Application Forms for tourist visa*
4. Three passport photos, must be attached to forms 2 and 3
5. Tourist visa fee, which amount depend upon country and can be paid in cash
If visa application is sent by mail, a self-addressed return envelope with stamps or postage for registered letter should be included.
* Forms can be obtained at the Myanmar embassy or consulate office

I hope this helps!

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  1. Lillian says:

    Hi PK,

    Thanks for your info on Myanmar :-)

    The Visa processing is so inconvenient! Sigh! I have abandoned the idea of travelling there as I don’t have enough days to go through the archaic Visa application :-) Gosh! stamp & addressed envelope?

    I was thinking of the last week of Decemner.


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