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Money Tips – Credit Cards & Exchange Rates

The local currency used is called Kyat (pronounced “chat”, abbreviated as Ks). The currency exchange rate is Ks 450 against the US Dollar at the official exchange counter located in airport but you should be able to get an exchange rate of Ks 1000 against 1 USD in downtown area. DO take note that you’ll get better exchange rates in Yangon & Mandalay, compared to other areas. Important – ONLY CRISP NEW NOTES ARE ACCEPTED. Any note with creases, or markings will be rejected!

Update 2012 – travellers recent experience with money exchange

Currently, credit Cards are only accepted at a very few major hotels, airlines and some international shops and restaurants. We advise you to bring enough US Dollars for your travel, accommodation, shopping and dining expenses. The exchange of traveler cheques as well is very difficult and time consuming. Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays.

The amount of US Dollars you should bring will depend on your length of stay and which part of country you will be traveling. We advise that you consult with you travel agent with regards to this.

Myanmars are genuinely happy to help foreign visitors and don’t expect anything in return. But if your guide or any other person during your trip was especially kind or helpful a gratuity would be a generous gesture and greatly appreciated.

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