Mabuhay! It means "Welcome!" in Myanmar. And here, you truly are.
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Is it safe to go to Myanmar

There are many concerns on whether it is safe to travel to Myanmar these days due to all the happenings to the country, and the recent Nargis cyclone incident.

Safe to go Myanmar?

Basically all the key tourist destinations – Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan & Inle lake is quite far from the hit area of the typhoon and were not affected by it. However if you are planning to do some off beaten track, then I will definitely suggest doing more research on it, before planning you trip.

As for the general safety of tourists to the country, all i can say is that the locals will welcome you with open arms! It will be a bit troublesome if you are a reporter or a news photographer, other than, i can’t imagine anything unsafe about going to Myanmar.

Myanmar is only dangerous for the local people, as the government continues to lock down pro democracy activists and demonstrators.

Minor Safety Concerns

If possible, stick with taking flights, as there have been news that trains derailing is quite common in Myanmar.

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