Mabuhay! It means "Welcome!" in Myanmar. And here, you truly are.
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Best Time to Visit Yangon

Myanmar experiences a mainly tropical climate, which can basically be divided into three distinct seasons. Lying in the south of Myanmar, Yangon remains relatively warm throughout the year. Generally, the best time to go visit Yangon is during the cool season from November to January when it is much cooling and relatively low rainfall.

Yangon Festivals

If you do want to experience the unique festivals celebrated in Myanmar, especially Yangon, it means that you have to choose your travel dates accordingly to coincide with the festive seasons. Do take note that the festivals are keyed to the lunar cycle, specifically to the full-moon days of each lunar month, and therefore fall on different days each year of the Western, solar-based, calendar.

The two main festival in Yangon is the Thingyan (Myanmar Buddhist New Year) in April during Myanmar New Year and the Shwedagon Festival

The lunar month of Tabaung brings the annual Shwedagon Festival, the largest Paya pwe (pagoda festival) in Myanmar. The full moon day in Tabaung is also an auspicious occasion for the Construction of new payas, and the local paya festivals are held. The full moon day of Tabaung is when there are special alms offerings to monks and fairs are held at the temples.

Other Major Festivals in Yangon

4th January – Independence Day is a major public holiday which is marked by a seven day fair at Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake in Yangon. There are also fairs all over Myanmar at this time.
Dhama Sakya Day (June – July)
Buddha’s Birthday
Martyr’s Day – Commemorating the assasinnation of Bogyoke Aung San and his comrades
Murugu Festival – Held at Yangon’s Hindu temple

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