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Myanmar Visa Requirements

A passport and visa are required for entry into Myanmar. Travelers are required to show their passports with a valid visa at all airports, train stations, and hotels. Security checkpoints are common outside of tourist areas.

The Government of Myanmar strictly controls travel to, from, and within Myanmar.

ALL Foreigners are required to obtain a non immigrant visa before entering into Myanmar.

Tourist visa for Myanmar can be obtained from any Myanmar embassy or consulate office in abroad.

Tourist visas are valid to stay 28 days in Myanmar and can be extended in Yangon.

Myanmar authorities rarely issue visas to persons with occupations they deem “sensitive,” including journalists. Many journalists and writers traveling to Myanmar on tourist visas have been denied entry. Journalists — and tourists mistaken for journalists — have been harassed. Some journalists have had film and notes confiscated upon leaving the country.

In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have initiated procedures at entry/exit points. These often include requiring documentary evidence of relationship and permission for the child’s travel from the absent parent(s) or legal guardian. Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry/departure.

Types of Visa

There are two kinds of tourist visas. Entry Visa tourist EVT (Package) & EVT (FIT-Foreign Independent Tourist).

EVT (Package) – valid three months from the date of Issue and require a tour confirmation letter from an authorized travel agent of Myanmar.

EVT (FIT) – valid one month from the date of Issue but require no tour confirmation letter. Both visas have same status and procedure on arrival at Yangon airport.
(a) Transit Visa – US$ 18 – 24 Hours
(b) Tourist Visa- EVT (package) and EVT (FIT) – us$ 20 – 28 days

Children over seven years of age require a separate visa even if travelling on their parents’ passports.

Application Forms are obtainable at the visa counter of Myanmar embassy or consulate office in your country free of charge. Forms can also be downloaded from most of their web sites.

Documents Required for Visa Application

Documents Required for Entry/ Business/ Social Visit Visa
• Two copies of duly filled Entry Visa/ Business Visa application forms and a copy of Report of Arrival form. Every set of application form has to be duly signed by the applicant. Complete the business visa forms correctly. Submit an original invitation letter to you from a registered company in Myanmar.

• Submit 2 requested letters of a business visa application attention to Ambassador from the same company in Myanmar and your company in your country.

• Affix 3 recent photos of 1 ½ x 2 inches with white colour back ground (Scanned photos are not allowed). Provide visa fees S$ 65. Valid passport at least 6 months validity.

• For Business Visa(Multiple Journey Entry Visa) a sponsorship letter stating the business profile in brief of the respective company or organization registered in your country as well as business activities with counter part company in Myanmar.

• Those who use any false statements will be refused an entry visa.

• For Social Visit Visa, spouse of a Myanmar National, children of a Myanmar National and a Foreigner, or those who surrendered Myanmar Citizenship are allowed to apply only for a social visit visa.

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